Like music? Like kids? Then get the new @elevation_wrshp eKidz Worship EP for FREE here:

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RT @ACPCharlotte: THANK YOU TO @ElevationChurch FOR DONATING $35,000 to ACP and your continuous support of the homeless children of Char …

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Transformers in 3D = Ridonckulous

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Happy Birthday to @LBrey the most exciting man of God I know! The way you invest in others is inspiring! The world could use some more LB’s!

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Gotta learn to dance like this…

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So Pumped to be a part of this move of God! / RT @ElevationChurch @elevation_wrshp Brad Hudson’s Here

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RT @stevenfurtick: Congrats to #elevationprovidence, the winner of our Battle of the Bands. And to all of our Production volunteers, you …

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My wife sent me the best text today! Grateful to be on this journey w/ such an amazing woman!

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We got to send our little man to bed through Skype tonight… great end to an amazing day!

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RT @LBrey: This past weekend I preached @elevationchurch on potential & it was an incredible experience. Here’s the sermon

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